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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy new year!

Happy new year dearies..!. new clothes for new year..teeheee... another reason to go shopping eh? So do enjoy today's e-shopping ya =)
Wondering what it is? haha it is money clipper, for clipping those colourful pieces of paper of course.. It will be perfect valentine's gift for your boy friend..*grin* so that he will make more money in 2009... more money means more shopping for us gals...!!! hooray..

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No it is not flower..
still guessing?
haha enough already... it is actually a gipsy skirt dress.. so gorgeous right? Wear this during your bad hair day.. it instantly draws attention away from your puffy and messy hair!

RM 45
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Tutu dress for cutie! so princessy and dreamy... fantasize fairy tale? waiting for your prince charming to come and rescue you..hehee.. grab this quick! not all girls can be princess =P

RM 48
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Polka dotties for all! Doll up yourself in 70's inspired dress today... dont forget to pair this with big chunky earrings!

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Do you know what i love about this dress? Check out the key hole around the bust area...*winks*.. heheee naughty naughty~~ My hump~myhump~~``
RM 38
This will look super sexy on tall chic with copper colour hair... the indigo colour is so elegant and look at those gorgeous butterfly sleeves!! Looks very satin-ish... it =*
RM 40
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