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Saturday, January 10, 2009

it is just temporary

im so sorry darlingsss... i just moved to a new place and start my first year in uni..
i was busy with my orientation and there is no time for me to set up internet connection here..
i shall update my blogs continuously after i have settled down everything. Thanks for the patient and your support!! really appreciate it... ps remember to look hot all the time..teehee

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy new year!

Happy new year dearies..!. new clothes for new year..teeheee... another reason to go shopping eh? So do enjoy today's e-shopping ya =)
Wondering what it is? haha it is money clipper, for clipping those colourful pieces of paper of course.. It will be perfect valentine's gift for your boy friend..*grin* so that he will make more money in 2009... more money means more shopping for us gals...!!! hooray..

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No it is not flower..
still guessing?
haha enough already... it is actually a gipsy skirt dress.. so gorgeous right? Wear this during your bad hair day.. it instantly draws attention away from your puffy and messy hair!

RM 45
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Tutu dress for cutie! so princessy and dreamy... fantasize fairy tale? waiting for your prince charming to come and rescue you..hehee.. grab this quick! not all girls can be princess =P

RM 48
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Polka dotties for all! Doll up yourself in 70's inspired dress today... dont forget to pair this with big chunky earrings!

Bite me at fashion attic

Do you know what i love about this dress? Check out the key hole around the bust area...*winks*.. heheee naughty naughty~~ My hump~myhump~~``
RM 38
This will look super sexy on tall chic with copper colour hair... the indigo colour is so elegant and look at those gorgeous butterfly sleeves!! Looks very satin-ish... it =*
RM 40
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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New year 's eve partyyyy!! hooray!

If you don't want to burn a hole in your pocket, take this for your new year's eve party .. it's in sweet pink.. extra bonus =)

RM 30

Bite me at fluffy rainbows

Bradshaw inspired heels! Copy Sarah Jessica Parker's look without causing your wallet to bleed...


Sexiest jumpsuit ever... yeee... Check out the hot

RM 38

Omg this model is so curvy... hottie eh.. *grin*.. can't help staring at her perfect cleavage!...
This watercolour printed satin spaghetti will look great on you - hour glass babes!

RM 48

Bite me at chubby abit

*whistle* Look at the lining that enhance your figures... wooooot... So sizzling hot.. perfect for new year clubbing...heheheee.. show off your cleavage babes...

~tell me where you get your body from... i got it from my momma...~```

RM 65

Bite me at tic tac toe

Pair this sunshine dress with maroon colour shades and hit the will be the centre of attraction...*winks*.. WOoo love the deep V bust line....


Bite me at ultimate dazzle

This fringe bag is big enough for all your books and it' s super trendy too... Quick , grab this one of a kind bag before it is sold out again..

RM 55

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Pretty mod dress in steaming red!! Woohoo... comes with an obi belt.. and it is made of satin!! Perfecto =P !!

RM 65

Bite me at ablinc

Gorgeous dress in safari-alike prints.. Pair it with sexy flowery stockings and killer pumps.. The cuties next table might pay the bill for you... meal for tonight!
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Monday, December 29, 2008

College + After class outfit

Do you stare at your closet for half an hour .. thinking what to wear to college every morning ?

Can't decide which will look the best on you? Excited to meet new hunks in other faculties but worried that you are not presentable? Fret no more, read on and you will be transformed into a hot babe in no time....hehehee...

A very cool statement baseball cap.. Yayyy... i love stage!! Everyone's attention is on me..Life in the limelight is glamarous... G-l-a-m-o-r-ous...So Fergalicious in pink

RM 32

Bite me at mystery paradise

Wild safari prints are so hawt!! Check out the hoodie...*grin*.. Wear this in your lecture hall that on the air-cond full blast.. so cool eh!


Bite me at dorfbury

Disco babe outfit... Shake what your momma gave you in this blingbling and sexylicious dress...

RM 40

High waisted shorts.. So classy yet sexy.. It's time to ditch your plain black long pants and look steamy hot in this shorties... Show off those long gorgeous legsss... *whistle*

RM 35

Bite me at ultimate dazzle

Stripey... Extra credit given to the skinny shawl that glam up this polo T...
Pair this with mini shorts and boots... Bring out Serena's sexy back!


Bite me at simpli-cious

Need a unique formal shirt for that boring presentation? Take this! Check out the ribbon decorated sleeves and sash that can be tied into a bow? Weee....full marks for overall impression!

RM 45

This is the dress for clubbing after evening class.... Wear a jacket for the good girl look in college, and when the clock ticks 10... take it off and show em sexy shoulders!

RM 60

Bite me at dressy dresser

This flowy dress is so sweeeety pie...*grin*.. And the translucent chiffon material makes it so yummylicious.. It is kinda comfy too... I totally adore this victorian designed dress..Grab this quick and Flirt confidently with your college crush ... =))

RM 50

Bite me at fascinate

This sporty dress is great for bowling trip after class... Pair this with a pair of fringe boots and you will be crowned fashionista of the day.. You don't have to dress up like a peacock to look trendy and chic... xoxo


Sunday, December 28, 2008

It's over now

Yeee... these clinchers are so mysteriously sexy... Pair this up with a flowy kimono and you are ready for bon odouri--the jap cultural was held annualy in shah alam stadium (if i am not mistaken)..

RM 28
Bite me at a fashion reborn

If you miss the pair from mezzanine, fret no, kiss and tell has them too! *Cheers*!! Make it quick or you will end up in another cat fight.. *Meow* ..

Bite me at kiss and tell

Think this dress is too plain? Think again...To me , it is very audrey hepburn.. can u see the black ribbon-like pleat? This black and white baby doll is simple yet yummy... Glam it up with over-the-top accessories and 70's polka dotties heelss!

RM 49
Bite me at dressy dresser

Yayyy... this layered dress is in my favourite colour~~ electric blue!! Shake ur booties in this babe and u will be the focus on the dance floor! And don't forgot to apply some glittery powder around the is a deep-V....=P

Bite me at circles dotdot

This blouse is great for meet ups with friends. Pair this with denim shorts and glads, show em boys sexy skill on the pool table..*grin*

Bite me at ala-chique

This dress is so 70's.... and it is in sweet pink..=) great for those "bloated tummy" days, walk confidently in shopping mall and forget about that round belly!


Check this out! Heart line bustier to show off that killer siren here... And it is a satin dress!
Show off what your momma gave you, darlings! *winks*
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Friday, December 26, 2008

Satin dreams''~

Whassup dearies! Sorry for the late udpdate, santarina was busy partying with santa claus.. =P... It s the holiday season, so i thought of everything comfy, laid back yet sexy.You can be a lazy bum but dont stop being a hottie.. Yes you are right, today's heroin is.....*drum roll*~~~~ SATIN!!! Cheeerss''' yippiee'''
Oh i love satin..everyone i right? It is smooth, soft, light, flowy, not forgetting- shimmery....hehee..what's more seductive than that? So girls, slip on your satin pyjamas and enjoy today's satin 'feast' =D

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RM 45

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RM 45

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RM 50


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RM 55

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RM 70

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RM 50

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RM 53

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RM 60

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RM 69

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RM 69

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry X'mas Angelsss``

Oh my!! Booties in shocking pink eh? This gucci inspired oxford will make you sing " Lolli Lolli pop that body~~"

RM 100
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Moulin rouge inspired! extremely body hugging for that oopmhh effect... sexy siren here... what's more exciting than the ruffle details in the middle.. Dancing queen, are you ready for the night? *wink** RM49
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Get these for your boy friends as valentine's gifts.. One for each of them..Oppsss.. No fighting ya.. *giggle*.. I always have a thing for men in formal suits... Broad chest and six packs hidden under those sleek shirt.. yumyummy.. Diasgree? Look at Il Divo!! RM45
Bite me at our mutual passion

Fish net babes!!!! Pardon me for my crazinesss! Check out the first one.. it won't make you look cheapo.. so smoking hawttt! RM25
Bite me at fruity sensation

Whitie yayy.... so subtly sexy with the red sash.. *giggle**.. Classy yet romantic.. wear this to your valentine's date with prince charming.. "You'll be the prince and i 'll be the princess~ it's a love story~~ Baby just say yes~~" RM65
Bite me at Kiss and tell

Oxford booties everyone! Glossy black with gold lining.. teeheee... Black + Gold = best combination ever. Can you see the model's toned calf? So damn hot! I must start hitting the gym already..woohoo.. RM62
Bite me at miss shopaholics' closet

Womanizer wuhmanwuhmanizer oh u'r a ....
" Cutie, lie down, i will cure your womanism...but you gonna beg for it.. bad boy..."RM 49

This is so Keira Knightly! Pair this with high class couture and y'all ready for million dollar party..

RM 29

Heelsss!! I love em!! Another pair with red sole.. oh gosh.. i am drooling over will the boys when they see you in this sexie.. erm for shoes manufacturers out there, i guess you just have to make shoes that are Louboutin alike...girls just can't resist them! Let it rock` let it rock~~RM 76
Bite me at mezzanine

Wow turtle neck dress! Bob your hair up high, slip on a pair of fish net stockings and play secretary.. so futuristic yet seductive.. Ohh it is also a great cover up for those strawberry kisses on your neck..teeheee~~ RM80
Bite me at motoo-motoo

This will be the perfect little black dress for your silhouette. Wear it to new year's eve partehh.. All them gorgeous details-- bow, pleats, sexy slit in between thighs. Wear a red G-string underneath this.. just a lil suggestion here..**winks RM 75
Bite me at lacquerandlace

Flirt flirt flirt with this toga.. Can you see the big cute bow? It draws attention to your You little evil ribbon =D RM38
Bite me at simply-alluring

Here is another clincher babes.. Check out the 3D rose...perfecto right? Plain and not over the top.. Sometimes we need to tone down girls, jealousy kills...=P Price : Not sure- please ask the boutique owner

Oolala.. Here comes the pocket sized perfume! Genuine and totally affordable with price ranges from RM 10-12. NOT kidding here.. now you will smell different every single day!! Bite me at rosettecoutures