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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry X'mas Angelsss``

Oh my!! Booties in shocking pink eh? This gucci inspired oxford will make you sing " Lolli Lolli pop that body~~"

RM 100
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Moulin rouge inspired! extremely body hugging for that oopmhh effect... sexy siren here... what's more exciting than the ruffle details in the middle.. Dancing queen, are you ready for the night? *wink** RM49
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Get these for your boy friends as valentine's gifts.. One for each of them..Oppsss.. No fighting ya.. *giggle*.. I always have a thing for men in formal suits... Broad chest and six packs hidden under those sleek shirt.. yumyummy.. Diasgree? Look at Il Divo!! RM45
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Fish net babes!!!! Pardon me for my crazinesss! Check out the first one.. it won't make you look cheapo.. so smoking hawttt! RM25
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Whitie yayy.... so subtly sexy with the red sash.. *giggle**.. Classy yet romantic.. wear this to your valentine's date with prince charming.. "You'll be the prince and i 'll be the princess~ it's a love story~~ Baby just say yes~~" RM65
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Oxford booties everyone! Glossy black with gold lining.. teeheee... Black + Gold = best combination ever. Can you see the model's toned calf? So damn hot! I must start hitting the gym already..woohoo.. RM62
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Womanizer wuhmanwuhmanizer oh u'r a ....
" Cutie, lie down, i will cure your womanism...but you gonna beg for it.. bad boy..."RM 49

This is so Keira Knightly! Pair this with high class couture and y'all ready for million dollar party..

RM 29

Heelsss!! I love em!! Another pair with red sole.. oh gosh.. i am drooling over will the boys when they see you in this sexie.. erm for shoes manufacturers out there, i guess you just have to make shoes that are Louboutin alike...girls just can't resist them! Let it rock` let it rock~~RM 76
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Wow turtle neck dress! Bob your hair up high, slip on a pair of fish net stockings and play secretary.. so futuristic yet seductive.. Ohh it is also a great cover up for those strawberry kisses on your neck..teeheee~~ RM80
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This will be the perfect little black dress for your silhouette. Wear it to new year's eve partehh.. All them gorgeous details-- bow, pleats, sexy slit in between thighs. Wear a red G-string underneath this.. just a lil suggestion here..**winks RM 75
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Flirt flirt flirt with this toga.. Can you see the big cute bow? It draws attention to your You little evil ribbon =D RM38
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Here is another clincher babes.. Check out the 3D rose...perfecto right? Plain and not over the top.. Sometimes we need to tone down girls, jealousy kills...=P Price : Not sure- please ask the boutique owner

Oolala.. Here comes the pocket sized perfume! Genuine and totally affordable with price ranges from RM 10-12. NOT kidding here.. now you will smell different every single day!! Bite me at rosettecoutures

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