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Monday, December 29, 2008

College + After class outfit

Do you stare at your closet for half an hour .. thinking what to wear to college every morning ?

Can't decide which will look the best on you? Excited to meet new hunks in other faculties but worried that you are not presentable? Fret no more, read on and you will be transformed into a hot babe in no time....hehehee...

A very cool statement baseball cap.. Yayyy... i love stage!! Everyone's attention is on me..Life in the limelight is glamarous... G-l-a-m-o-r-ous...So Fergalicious in pink

RM 32

Bite me at mystery paradise

Wild safari prints are so hawt!! Check out the hoodie...*grin*.. Wear this in your lecture hall that on the air-cond full blast.. so cool eh!


Bite me at dorfbury

Disco babe outfit... Shake what your momma gave you in this blingbling and sexylicious dress...

RM 40

High waisted shorts.. So classy yet sexy.. It's time to ditch your plain black long pants and look steamy hot in this shorties... Show off those long gorgeous legsss... *whistle*

RM 35

Bite me at ultimate dazzle

Stripey... Extra credit given to the skinny shawl that glam up this polo T...
Pair this with mini shorts and boots... Bring out Serena's sexy back!


Bite me at simpli-cious

Need a unique formal shirt for that boring presentation? Take this! Check out the ribbon decorated sleeves and sash that can be tied into a bow? Weee....full marks for overall impression!

RM 45

This is the dress for clubbing after evening class.... Wear a jacket for the good girl look in college, and when the clock ticks 10... take it off and show em sexy shoulders!

RM 60

Bite me at dressy dresser

This flowy dress is so sweeeety pie...*grin*.. And the translucent chiffon material makes it so yummylicious.. It is kinda comfy too... I totally adore this victorian designed dress..Grab this quick and Flirt confidently with your college crush ... =))

RM 50

Bite me at fascinate

This sporty dress is great for bowling trip after class... Pair this with a pair of fringe boots and you will be crowned fashionista of the day.. You don't have to dress up like a peacock to look trendy and chic... xoxo


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