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Friday, December 26, 2008

Satin dreams''~

Whassup dearies! Sorry for the late udpdate, santarina was busy partying with santa claus.. =P... It s the holiday season, so i thought of everything comfy, laid back yet sexy.You can be a lazy bum but dont stop being a hottie.. Yes you are right, today's heroin is.....*drum roll*~~~~ SATIN!!! Cheeerss''' yippiee'''
Oh i love satin..everyone i right? It is smooth, soft, light, flowy, not forgetting- shimmery....hehee..what's more seductive than that? So girls, slip on your satin pyjamas and enjoy today's satin 'feast' =D

Bite me at fluffy rainbows

RM 45

Bite me at do not bleach

RM 45

Bite me at think glamz

RM 50


Bite me at cat in a bowl

RM 55

Bite me at lush serendipity


Bite me at shoessaholic

RM 70

Bite me at dressing lab


Bite me at iccy house

RM 50

Bite me at miss capsicum

RM 53

Bite me at orangelittle1108

Bite me at yogurt barcode

RM 60

Bite me at iccy house

RM 69

Bite me at velvet ribbon

RM 69

Bite me at luscious lips

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